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Copper & Brass Sales v. R B Tool

Client Contact

Client: Copper & Brass Sales
  101 Main Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
Contact: Clint Eastwood
Fwd. Agency: Diversified Credit Services, Inc.
  P.O. Box 500
Lyndhurst, OH 44124
Contact: Greg

Case Status

Case type: Collection
Date opened: 7/22/2003
Date closed: 10/27/2003


Amt placed: 272.92
Balance: 272.92
Last pay:  
Last ltr: 10/2/2003
File #: RBT-1
Agcy #: 101303
Client file #: 22753
Followup: 10/27/2003

Opponent Contact

Debtor: R B Tool
  3558 W. 119th Street
Lakewood, OH 44137
Contact: Robert Taksin
Counsel: Talbot & Tucker
  6501 Clark Street
Cleveland, OH 44117
Contact: James Tucker

Account Log

4/6/2009Not setATTY ACK  
3/19/2009StatusThe ATTY3 letter was sent 78078
3/19/2009Emailemailed to Kimmel sp mb.25
3/2/2009Statusto atty 
2/17/2009Phoneasked for buy/sell agreement to be faxed to me.25
2/17/2009Statussent to dr for atty 
1/26/2009Phoneleft urgent msg to pay by 2/2 - Tom S. at 201-555-6161.25
1/7/2009Phonealso left an urgent message for Tom Santiago, GM, by 1/14 at 201-555-6161.25
1/7/2009Phoneleft FINAL NOTICE msg for Maureen at 612-555-7146 by 1/14 4pm or legal.25
12/15/2008Phoneleft message to pay by 12/22 - to avoid legal - Maureen at 612-555-7146.25
12/2/2008PhoneMaureen - A/P at 612-555-7146 - left message by 12/9.25
11/18/2008StatusThe ACK letter was sent 69622
11/18/2008StatusThe IPC letter was sent 69621


4/6/2009AppearanceCuy. Cty.
3/19/2009FilingInitial filing82507

Other Contacts

Judge: Frank D. Celebreeze, Jr.
  (216) 443-6350
Witness: Tom Santiago
  3558 W. 119th Street
Lakewood, OH 44137
Witness: Maureen Smith
  3558 W. 119th Street
Lakewood, OH 44137

Account Ledger

DateActionAmountBalanceChk #Details
7/22/2003New placement 272.92 223499

Other Information

Our atty: Perry Mason
  ext. 21
Billing Type: Standard
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